El Centro Académico Cultural de HSU will be closed for the Fall semester.

The safety and well-being of our students is top priority at our center. For this reason El Centro will be closed for the remainder of the semester. Our community is no stranger to adversity. Our History has shown that. In response to our current situation we will be moving many of our programs online. Please follow us on our various social media accounts to receive updates and to stay connected.


If you have any questions please contact the coordinator Fernando Paz by emailing him at Fernando.Paz@humboldt.edu

El Centro Académico Cultural de HSU is committed to student development through academic, personal, and professional skills.

The mission of El Centro Académico Cultural de HSU, (aka El Centro) works primarily with students of Latin American decent in navigating pathways to success that honors and respects their cultural and historical trajectory. El Centro is committed to student success with a responsive approach, which seeks the development of academic, intellectual, personal, and professional growth, by functioning as a resource where students can explore and express shared values, differing experiences, distinct histories, and multi-dimensional identities to foster powerful individuals and communities. We strive to provide hospitality and genuine love and support.

El Centro Académico Cultural strives to provide programming that is relevant and responsive to students’ needs. Check out the space and meet the student staff to learn more about our cultural, academic, personal, and professional programming geared toward empowering students to succeed at HSU and beyond.

Promotorx Model (peer mentorship)
We employ a mentorship model that taps into students cultural capital to develop strategies that will help students navigate higher education successfully. In our context the strategy is focused on the students’ academic well-being. We do this by both using this student peer-mentorship model and by facilitating mentorship relationships between student and faculty.

Ateneos are cultural spaces that bring individuals together to increase their knowledge on scientific, literary, and artistic topics to enhance students’ personal, socio-cultural, intellectual and professional growth. In our context, we reclaim the ateneo as an open critical space of encounter committed to facilitating learning and convivial research.

Apapacho (Well-being and self-care)
At the center, we employ apapacho to foster student growth in a holistic manner that takes into consideration students diverse needs. Apapacho is a nauhatl word that at its root means, “to give care” it can also be understood to mean, “To hug or caress with your soul.” At El Centro we strive to offer our students relief, comfort, and affection, in all aspects that entail apapacho which include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Latinx Graduation Celebration

This year's celebration scheduled for Friday, May 15th has been canceled.

We are in the process of finding alternatives to our traditional cultural celebration. 

We invite you to register for the cultural graduation celebration by filling out this form.

Registration will close Wed, Apr 1st. Any questions or concerns, email the event coordinators at Caia.MSantana@humboldt.edu and mdg12@humboldt.edu .

Giving Back

El Centro would like your support. Our programs help meet critical student needs at HSU and we want to continue to grow and expand the services the Center can provide. Your contribution to this effort can make a significant difference. To make a financial donation to the LCAE, follow the link and make your contribution today!