Student Staff



Grecia Alfaro
Leadership Education Specialist


Grecia Alfaro ‘18 comes from the San Fernando Valley. She graduated from Verdugo Hills High School. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in sociology at Humboldt State University. During her time at Humboldt State, she has been an academic mentor for three years. She is currently the Sociology Department’s Major Based Mentor and she holds the Leadership Education Specialist position at El Centro Académico Cultural (aka The Latinx Center for Academic Excellence). Grecia plans to continue her education once she has graduated from HSU. She hopes to become a professor.

Xochitl Cabrera


Mi nombre es Xochitl Cabrera, my family and I came to California in 2002, from our hometown in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have lived in Humboldt County ever since. My goal is to finish my education at Humboldt State University, and continue to work with grassroots organization in the area. I am currently majoring in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (CRGS) with an emphasis in Ethnic Studies. I am driven by the ancestral cultural knowledge (abuelito knowledge) and by the youth within my family, and in the community.   I hope to be able to provide a designated community center for Latinx, Hispanic and Raza individuals to congregate, and enrich our cultural learnings.

Vanessa Cota


Vanessa Cota grew up in Southern California and graduated from Lakeside High School in Lake Elsinore, California. She is a third year Political Science major at Humboldt State University. Vanessa currently works at El Centro Académico Cultural and Oh Snap! She also plays rugby for the Humboldt State Women’s Rugby Club and works closely with M.E.Ch.A. de HSU. She enjoys radical politics, alternative/independent music and films, comedy, curanderismo, and memes. In her spare time she talks to plants, daydreams, tweets, and cooks for herself and her loved ones.

Carolina Gonzalez
Denise Macias
Outreach and Hospitality Specialist


Denise Macias was born in West Covina, but San Bernardino is her home. She is a fourth year student majoring in Sociology and minoring in Spanish. She is interested in inequality and how that has and is still greatly affecting people of color and how that looks like today. She uses this study to better understand what occurs in daily life and making connections. Throughout her academic career, she has participated in varies volunteer opportunities such as the Golden Years program and has studied abroad in Spain. Pursuing a master's degree is one of her goals and hopes to return home to help marginalized groups in her community. She is the Outreach and Hospitality specialist and is working on the Latinx Graduation project. Fun facts: She LOVES sweets, enjoys running, and cooking.

Victoria Nazario


Victoria Nazario’19 grew up in the city Rosemead, located in Los Angeles. She graduated from the high school, Applied Technology Center. Victoria is a psychology major and hopes to attend Medical school after graduation. In Los Angeles, Victoria spends most of her time volunteering at Beverly Hospital in the pediatric center, where she would help ensure the care of new mothers. Victoria enjoys drinking tea, meditating, and lastly, spending time with her family. She believes that family is not an important thing, but it is everything.

Amber Rivas
Liasion - HSI STEM


Amber Rivas ‘18 comes from Los Angeles, California and graduated from John C. Fremont High School with High Honors. At Humboldt State University, Amber is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. She is El Centro’s Liaison - HSI STEM. She is involved with the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) STEM Grant Committee and is a member of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated. After graduation, Amber plans to either attend medical school to or attend graduate school to pursue a Master of Science and/or PhD in Chemistry. She hopes to pursue a career as a Pediatrician or a Chemist in a company’s laboratory.


Alejandra Rosales


Alejandra Rosales, I work for El Centro Académico Cultural (aka The Latinx Center for Academic Excellence) as the Social Media and Marketing Specialist. I am a Marketing Major with a Minor in Graphic Design, and a soon to be grad coming up this May in 2018! I am a first-generation student and the youngest of my three siblings. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, for those of you who don't know where that is; LA. My passions consist of binge watching anime, designing, family, and efforts to be a part of the soulution not the problem.

I hope all of you stop by the center! Echanos un Grito!

Marissa Sanchez
Event Development Specialist


Marissa Sanchez ‘S18 is a first generation college student and comes from the small agricultural town of Watsonville in Santa Cruz County. She is a Theatre Arts major with an emphasis in Performance. She is the Event Development Specialist at El Centro Académico Cultural. On her free time, she enjoys watching anime and eating good food with her best friend. After graduation, Marissa plans on getting her teaching credentials, getting her masters in Multi-ethnic education, and eventually opening her own non-profit theatre company for youth back in her hometown.