Wellness Wednesday's

El Centro's Wellness Wednesday's focus on ancestral/abuelita knowledge. Knowledge of our ancestors that exists and that has been passed down to us and for us to reclaim and use for our wellness. The sole purpose of this series is to find ways to nurture our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls through the tools passed down to us from our ancestors and intuition. We will always have herbs for teas, essential oils but the topics will vary from mental health awareness, self love, healing through food, moon cycles, queerness, herbalism, etc. Come check it out!

Café Con Chisme

is a social event that we use to practice self-care. The goal of the event is to provide a safe space for students to feel comfortable enough to express their feelings and thoughts about community issues, personal matters, or simply getting to know the best restaurants in town! Don’t forget to join in for a hot cup of coffee, pan dulce, and some chisme!

Professor’s office hours (Tiempo con el/la Profe)

Professors from different disciplines come into the center to host office hours for students. Some professors offer help not only for their class but for subject matter relevant to their classes.

Profesores de diferentes disciplinas vienen al centro  y ofrecen horas de oficinas para los estudiantes que quisieran hablar con ellos.  Algunos profesores también ofrecen ayuda en materia que es pertinente a sus clases.